The future of a Disney cartoon, featuring a Black 6-year-old doctor, is in the air. Parents and fans took to Twitter to express the impact of the show.

Plus, Disney’s "Doc McStuffins" may be canceled and a judge stops NYC Macy’s store from detaining alleged shoplifters in their basement jail.


  Doc McStuffins goes to the White House to meet First Lady Michelle Obama in the October 5 episode of the Disney Junior cartoon, titled…

Go on an animated adventure with Doc McStuffins and Michelle Obama.

Doc McStuffins, the African-American title character of an animated TV series for children, dreams of becoming an M.D. and, for now, runs a cheerful home clinic for stuffed animals and dolls. “I haven’t lost a toy yet!” Doc exclaims as she hugs a blue dinosaur in need of attention. For Dr. Myiesha Taylor, who watches […]