Attempting to list all the achievements of musician, producer and guitarist Nile Rodgers is nearly impossible. His career, which began when he was still a…


TV One’s hit show “Unsung” has gained a following by showcasing beloved acts of the past few decades that haven’t gotten their just due. In…

An old friend of mine used to joke that he wanted to be spending his last dime as he passed on.  After watching the families of celebs almost come to blows over inheritence, maybe he had it right.  Donna Summer has 3 daughters, two of them want money, while the third is attempting to be […]

Donna Summer was known as the Queen of Disco, that should have been enough to get her into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I guess some of the people had a problem with disco music back in the day.  Look who is calling out the folks now that Donna is gone.