Trump's most recent outlandish comments on banning Muslims from the U.S. has many prominent Republicans from the former Vice President to the Speaker of the House denouncing his flawed ideology.

Bush 41 openly talked about how he felt Cheney was pre-occupied with building "his own empire" while Rumsfeld was too dismissive of other's ideas.

Roland Martin talks to Secretary of State John Kerry about the Iran nuclear deal and the comments Dick Cheney made speaking against the legendary agreement.…


Chris Paul jokes with the crew about Michael Vick’s latest misfortune, Dick Cheney’s 9/11 lie and Twinkies return. ——————– This is Chris Paul from the…

Dominique shares a funny story about greasy food and Gary Owen. Before she goes in on Dick Cheney’s lies.

Dick Cheney’s book has caused more backlash from former Bush administration officials. After Colin Powell criticized Dick Cheney for “cheap shots” in his book, another former secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice has taken issue with his book as well. Rice called Cheney’s assertion that Rice misled President Bush about negotiations between the White House and […]