Debbie Rowe

Michael’s attorney from his molestation case was the first to call BS on Wade Robson.   Now, Debbie Rowe, the woman who carried MJ’s first two kids, is saying how she feels. TMZ is reporting that Rowe spoke out after seeing Robson’s interview on the Today Show, saying, “I was angered that Wade Robson reversed his […]


Huggy Lowdown still can’t believe T.G.T came to the Cake and performed only one song but that still didn’t make them the “Bamas of the…


Dominique jokes with the crew about Sybil’s injury and Paris Jackson’s budding relationship with her mom Debbie Rowe.

As the wrongful death trial begins against concert promoter AEG Live, Jackson matriarch, Katherine, has reportedly been inquiring about surrogate Mother Debbie Rowe‘s impending testimony,…