David Banner

The sisters returned home to renew their ties to the community and to honor the big sister who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Compton in 2003.

Watch highlights from Roland Martin and NewsOne Now's unprecedented six hours of election night coverage on TV One.

David Banner is not here for the shady news reporting. After the rapper got into a war of words earlier this week with a bouncer at Ozio Restaurant & Lounge in Washington, D.C., rumors spread that he was handcuffed and placed under immediate arrest. Banner took to social media to express his disdain for the way […]

Banner explained why he doesn't trust Republicans or Democrats saying, "You have the Left Wing and the Right Wing, but they're part of the same bird and the same system."

After the shooting death of 18 year old Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, several celebrities have stepped up and spoken out against the tragedy.  The list includes John Legend, who wore a don’t shoot t-shirt; rapper J Cole, who released a song and went to Ferguson during the protests, Talib Kweli, who went to Ferguson […]

In an appearance on Arsenio, Mississippi Hip-Hop artist David Banner delivered a brief, yet powerful Spoken Word piece that tackled racism and self-hatred in the Black…

Lee Daniels’ feature film, The Butler, topped the box office on it’s opening weekend raking in a whopping $25 million.  The highly anticipated film is based on the real life story of Eugene Allen–a black man that made his way from the cotton fields of the South to 34 years of service as a White […]

David Banner has some strong thoughts about how Black men are portrayed in entertainment, and watch him speak on it in this exclusive video. As…