Should Police Officers Receive Harsher Sentences For Committing Crimes? That’s what we are asking after hearing that a MPD officer was busted in a burglary ring sting. We asked the question on Twitter and here is what we heard. “yep they should give cops more time because they are suppose to be held to a higher […]

In a new listing published by AOL, Washington, D.C.’s L St. SE was listed as one of the top 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, ranking 9th. The neighborhood sits on a top-25 list that is topped by Chicago’s W. Lake St, in which a person’s chances of becoming a victim is 1 in […]

If you have been paying attention to the news, you might have noticed the story about the young Somolian woman, 28-year old Ebyan Farah, who killed two of her five children by locking them in a closet. She is reported to have made this a regular act, as she would put them in the hot […]

In a recent interview with Complex magazine T.I. said this of his jail time…

VIA CNN: Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) — Comedian Katt Williams was arrested on burglary and criminal trespass charges in a west Georgia community Sunday night, according to a court official. Williams, 38, smiled broadly while posing for a mug shot photo at the Coweta County, Georgia, jail. His first court appearance is set for 4 p.m. […]

(Washington, DC) — A teenager is charged as an adult in connection with the deadly shooting of a Northwest Washington woman. DC Police have arrested 17-year-old Devonte Carlton of Northwest in the murder of 48-year-old Deborah Brown last Saturday evening in the 2900 block of 14th Street. DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier says this type […]