"Chi-Raq" hits theaters today, so we ranked Spike Lee's ten best movies of all time.

Black Twitter goes off on Spike Lee about Chi-Raq.

Art is imitating life with Chicago woman April Lawson spearheading a campaign that encourages women to withhold sex in order to stop the violence.

The director re-edited the films trailer to include his reasonings behind tackling such a controversial and sensitive subject.

I’m from Chicago. My parents are both from Chicago. My grandparents have lived in Chicago since they were children. While our family origins lie further down the Mississippi River, on both sides of my family, Chicago is where generations have planted their roots. I love my city and had a beautiful childhood there and you’re going […]

Spike Lee’s rolled out a new peek at his upcoming movie Chi-Raq, where women are resorted to drastic measures to bring peace to their neighborhoods. Love lockdown is the name of the game in the new trailer for Chi-Raq, which is based on the Greek comedy Lysistrata. Spike, who partnered with Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions […]