Wow! Yesterday CeeLo Green had his fans terrified when video surfaced of the rapper / singer / producer collapsing after his cell phone exploded in his face, only to come clean just a few hours later with the truth. Many social media commenters questioned the authenticity of the disturbing video, wondering if it was staged or […]

Early Saturday morning (Dec. 17,) a video surfaced on the Internet of ‘The Voice’ judge CeeLo Green collapsing in a music recording studio. The Instagram account reports, the 42-year-old rapper / singer / record producer was injured when his cell phone exploded in his face while he was talking. See the security camera footage below from […]

So we know how popular Drake’s song ‘Hotline Bling’ was. We saw meme after meme and tweet after tweet making fun of his moves and his sweater lol. Well it seems Drake is the one laughing and making some smart moves as his hotline thing because one of the commercials we will see during the […]

Yesterday, in the case of Riley v. California, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that police must have a warrant before searching the cell phones of people they arrest.  Read the full ruling here. The ruling applies to local police jurisdictions but does not affect National Security Agency (NSA) data collection programs that were leaked, over […]

I have a 4G phone but 4G won’t be available on my cell phone carrier until…? Meanwhile countries in Africa like Liberia, Tanzania, Mauritius, Nigeria, Namibia and even the ex-communist state Angola are all 4G Internet capable. Africa is booming in the digital marketplace, second to China, and the fastest-growing mobile market in the world. Read more here


Have one of those smartphones and still trying to figure out what to do with it other than watch YouTube videos and send text messages? Me, I got an Android phone earlier this year, transferring from a Windows Mobile phone, and haven’t looked back since. I primarily use my Android to keep me on track […]

VIA WTOP: In six months, new cell phone rules will be in effect on the roads and everyone driving through Maryland should know them. You can use your hands to turn your cell phone on, to answer and hang up calls and to turn the power off. Outside of those activities you’re not allowed to […]

VIA THE BALTIMORE SUN: The House of Delegates voted Friday 125-14 to approve an historic ban using a hand-held cell phone while driving after rejecting a series of Republican-sponsored amendments. Because the Senate has already passed the bill in the same form, the measure goes to Gov. Martin O’Malley, who has indicated he will sign […]