Canada's prime minister calls the Quebec mosque shooting a 'terrorist attack on Muslims.' Two gunmen killed at least six worshippers.


Obama invited president-elect Donald Trump to the White House on Thursday to talk about a “smooth transition of power."

Like most animal advocates (and anyone with a heart), we're totally disappointed in the rush judgment.

The world's sexiest leaders finally meet, hopefully Vice President Joe Biden wasn't caught in his feelings.

Hundreds of years ago, slaves sought the North Star to point them in the direction of Northern states and Canada so they they could escape…


The sport of hockey has roots that date back to ancient Egypt and Greece, with varying incarnations throughout the generations. Ice hockey developed in the…


Detroiters without running water have a special delivery coming from Canada, if it can get past the border guards. Eight cars loaded with 264 gallons…

Yes we all make mistakes, but this one must be quite embarrassing for Miss Universe or Ex – Miss Universe Denise Garrido from Ontario. On Saturday night, judges crowned Ontario’s Denise Garrido, 26, Miss Universe Canada out of 57 contestants. The next morning, they admitted that they had made a mistake in adding up the […]