The apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the Trump family. Ivanka Trump made headlines on Thursday for her comments that are not as innocent as she portrays herself to be. Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti threw major shade at Donald Trump‘s eldest daughter, saying that he’d be surprised if she […]


"We've heard your concerns about last week's video. We made a mistake, and want to get better at earning the trust of our black audience,” posted the media company.

The video, which features Black BuzzFeed employees presenting questions that seem to perpetuate sweeping generalizations and inaccurate stereotypes, starts off satirical, but ends up looking like a bunch of people confused about the role racism plays in most of the questions, putting the onus on Black people -- not systemic oppression -- to answer.


President Obama’s Cheeky BuzzFeed Video Promoting Healthcare Goes Viral President Barack Obama stars in a hilarious new Buzzfeed video promotion for, titled “Things Everybody…

Sunday night is “Housewives” night, and it’s probably best it might be best if we all left their shenanigans on TV in our off hours.…


A BuzzFeed video went viral recently, garnering more than a million views, with a simple premise: what if black people said some of the stuff white people say to black…

              Meet Shena Hardin. Apparently every morning, she would drive on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for the local school bus. Throw out the obvious, about it being dangerous and reckless, just think about how IDIOTIC it is. Eventually, she got caught and the judge came up with a […]