Justin Bieber got into a street brawl with a guy much bigger than him.

As Katt Williams continues to find himself embroiled in disputes, the full video of him getting into a fight with a minor has surfaced.

This isn't a scene straight out of "Fight Club." This is really happening.

A father chose to teach his bullying son a lesson in the ring. Do you agree with this? @MsMichelWright

  A 33-year-old Ohio man is wanted on on suspicion of starting a fight that led to a brawl during a punch-and-cookies reception after a kindergarten graduation Monday, prompting an elementary school to be placed on lock-down. Read More

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family, and fellowship.  Quite the contrary took place at Halle Berry’s house.  According to reports, a brawl ensued between Berry’s fiance, Oliver Martinez, and the father of her child Gabriel Aubry.  Aubry was left with a black eye and a broken rib.  He was also taken into police custody.   Gabriel […]

According to a report,Ne-Yo was detained in Oslo last night after a member of his entourage punched a bus boy.