Clay, known for blues songs like "Trying to Live My Life Without You" and "The Only Way is Up," died after suffering a heart attack

HBO's Lucinda Martinez talks about Solange and Janelle Monae's surprise music tour and why we're celebrating Bessie Smith's work today.

The passing of blues legend B.B. King has left musicians and fans in mourning, honoring him on social media, and praising him for his nearly…

Angie Fisher‘s debut powerful, bluesy track, is the song that arrests your attention immediately as she belts her first note. “I.R.S.” is a song about something…

Grammy award winning singer Koko Taylor, A.K.A. the “Queen of the Blues,” was known primarily for her rough and powerful vocals and traditional blues style. The Shelby County Tennessee native left her Memphis Roots in 1952 to move to Chicago with her husband Robert “Pops” Taylor and worked as a house cleaner. Taylor sat in […]

President Obama appeared hesitant to sing publicly for the second time in 2012 at a White House event Tuesday night.  But he obliged the request by blues legends Buddy Guy and B.B. King, singing a few lines of “Sweet Home Chicago.” Read More

juke (of West African origin, akin to Wolof dzug, to live wickedly) – a roadside drinking establishment that offers cheap drinks, food and music for dancing, often blues music.