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The Jheri curl is a hairstyle developed in the 1970’s by white chemist and stylist Robert William Redding. Redding was also responsible for the creation…


Dominique recounts her hair journey from rocking barrettes and bangs up until her current look.


Jacque Reid goes ‘Inside Her Story’ with Landra Johnson about the impact of hair care products and perming on children’s hair.

After two months of becoming acquainted with my natural hair, I realize that several notions about natural hair and its care just aren’t true. Before…

Have a hair dilemma? We are your #1 source for beautiful & healthy hair. Send us your hair questions at! Today’s naturalista doesn’t have to…

Ladies, I’m sure at one time or another you’ve had to deal with this have a friend, co-worker or even a family member who…

Isaiah Mustafa, famously known as the Old Spice guy, recently stirred up controversy when he said he doesn’t want his kids to have nappy hair. Appearing on E!, Mustafa said he has to make sure his future wife has “good hair” so that his kids are not born with nappy hair like him. Read more […]

No one rocks a short do like Halle Berry, but if you’re too scared to take the plunge and cutting your mane isn’t an option, we have 5 sexy ways to wear your hair this fall from your favorite celebs. 5 Misconceptions About Natural Hair How To Achieve A Natural Look While Wearing A Weave […]

Women and our hair, we’re always looking for the next best thing. Just like everyone else, I’ve spent my money on products, equipment and accessories in search for the best combination to create that fresh “ready to go” look that fits my budget. Well, I believe I’ve finally found one part of that combination. The […]

A new sorority aimed at Black women with natural hair has emerged on Facebook and is turning some heads to say the least. The sorority, Pi Nappa Kappa, is aiming to “to educate, inspire and uplift natural hair women, men, boys and girls throughout the entire world (and) to make the word “nappy” into a […]

Despite high rates of unemployment and an uncertain economy Black barbershops and hair salons are booming, according to BlackNews2. The Census Bureau recently noted their jump in an otherwise glum report about mom-and-pop businesses, stating that the number of hairdressers and barbers and the shops that employ them grew by about 8 percent from 2008 […]

Just in time for those nasty Spring showers! Hothead’s new Hand Dry Hair Towel is definitely a life saver, especially on those rainy days when you’ve just gotten your hair done and you’re hiding under everything in sight to dodge the moisture. Well, luckily, those days can finally be over. This new towel has super-absorbent […]