My friends and I play this game all the time except we never gave it a name. While some are knocking on the door to get that AARP card, some have already crossed over but it’s a fun game for everyone. Check out one of our favorite celebs, Marlon Wayans playing “Under 50” lol. #GetWright […]

Not everyone who looks like you knows America the way you do.

For iPhone:  04/14/14 – Roland Martin is tired of the pissing match going on between black America. “How is it that we have the ability…

VIA CNN: (CNN) — If we are to address seriously the economic devastation in black communities across the nation, we have to put aside, once and for all, the idea that President Obama has a special obligation to African-Americans. Obama has said repeatedly that he can’t be the president of black America; he is the […]