Beyonce and Jay Z

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  It looks like megastar Beyonce is showing interest in becoming part of an ownership group looking to bid on ownership of the Houston Rockets NBA franchise. It’s reported by Bloomberg that the Houston-native would bring ‘star power’ the group would need to win the bid.     Beyonce is currently one of the highest […]

It’s been over a week since news first broke that Beyoncé and Jay Z had welcomed their twins. And while the superstar first revealed her pregnancy in spectacular, Internet-breaking fashion, both parents have remained completely silent post-birth–that is until now. Last night, Beyoncé made her first statement since the arrival of her twins. The message […]

This past Saturday, Beyonce, Jay Z, Solange, Blue Ivy and other celebrity guests attended the inaugural Wearable Art Gala, held at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles. The charity event was organized by Beyonce’s mother, Tina Lawson, and her husband Richard Lawson. Miss Tina slayed in a stunning gown made from fresh green leaves. […]

The party came to a halt upon her entrance!

We've gathered the top five musicians riddled with Illuminati rumors. Some have used tongue-in-cheek references to contest involvement with the world-order, while others have flat-out denied any connection.


When Beyonce and Jay-Z visited Cuba last April to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, speculation was rampant that the duo had circumvented U.S. law. Due…


While the world sweats Jay-Z and Beyonce’s alleged marital woes, with rumors running rampant that the celeb couple is a. divorcing; b. cheating on each…

When Jay Z and Beyoncé first got together in 1999, she was a star but a sheltered one. At 19, she still lived with her parents in Houston — Jay Z, then 30, had emerged from the Brooklyn projects as a hip-hop powerhouse. The source says Beyoncé was most interested in Jay’s mind. “Jay’s a […]