After 7 years of marriage, La La and Carmelo Anthony are calling it quits. Here’s what we know about the split. Allegedly, La La and Carmelo are living separately, she no longer wears her wedding ring and La La was awarded custody of their 10-year-old son, Kiyan. Allegedly, Carmelo cheated with a 24-year-old Northwestern University […]


Zaila Avant Garde is not even in middle school and has basketball skills like a pro!

The newly formed team is a part of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball league.

This Sunday's NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans will get kicked off with a musical!

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As the world continues to accept the realization that Donald Trump is the president-elect, the backlash of his win continues to grow with each passing day. From dozens of protests and social media uproar to harsh criticism from news outlets, Americans are definitely letting their voices be heard regarding Trump’s victory. The latest Trump backlash […]

Social media was not happy with the organization after Sevyn posted about their decision in a short Twitter video.

The internet had a field day and discovered some of the former Oklahoma City Thunder player's old tweets and his BlackPlanet.


House Republicans are preparing to call Hillary Clinton out on how she handled the terrorist attacks in Benghazi during her time as secretary of state. They are expected to release a report on Tuesday in hopes of stirring the pot before the presidential election in November. They claim Clinton was well aware of the chaos […]

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Despite the Warriors' Game 7 loss to the Cavaliers, it doesn't look like model Roni Rose is turning her back on her team anytime soon

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According to reports, Johnson is now dating 30-year-old Christopher Fry, who lives in Tennessee – just a short drive from Glory Johnson’s parents’ home in Knoxville.

Craig Sager may be fighting for his life, but back in 1993, he saved Dennis Rodman's.