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When Entertainment Weekly broke the news of Jimmy Walker, best known for his iconic character J.J. Evans on Good Times, being romantically tied to media personality Ann Coulter, the story grew a life of its own. TV Producer Norman Lear made the confession during an interview with Black-ish creater Kenya Barris for Entertainment Weekly. Now […]

This week, rumors that Ann Coulter is dating Good Times actor Jimmie Walker resurfaced thanks to television producer Norman Lear. In an Entertainment Weekly interview with black-ish creator, Kenya Barris, Lear revealed that Jimmie Walker, who played J.J Evans on the 1970s sitcom Good Times, is dating conservative commentator Ann Coulter. Lear described an occasion when he […]

For some reason, super conservative republicans have been trying to use Beyoncé lyrics to defend Donald Trump‘s latest inappropriate comments about women. Ann Coulter was the latest culprit to try to come for the queen, but it backfired in a major way. In an attempt to prove that Beyonce’s lyrics were just as vulgar as […]


  In a controversial new article, Republican strategist Raynard Jackson claims that Black women have abandoned Black men by supporting President Barack Obama and that…

Ripping a recent page from Tagg Romney’s playbook, racist and conservative (at the risk of sounding repetitive) commentator, Ann Coulter, is once again writing verbal…

GOP darling, Ann Coulter, has no problem placing her ignorance on display for the world to see, and her appearance on ‘The View’ proved to…


During the “This Week” roundtable’s discussion of the politics of immigration reform and the Latino vote, conservative commentator Ann Coulter made the provocative claim that “Democrats are dropping the blacks and moving on to the Hispanics,” while arguing that immigrant rights should not be considered civil rights. She added, “We don’t owe the homeless. We […]

Some folks make themselves very hard to like.  Ann Coulter appears to be one of those people.  The right wing pitbull for everything conservative used to be adored by so many within the Republican Party.  Yet over the last few years her rants have alienated her even from some of the most dedicated in her […]

Controversial Republican commentator Ann Coulter jumped in to defend Herman Cain yesterday on the Sean Hannity Show from what many conservatives are calling a “witch-hunt” after Politico reported that he was accused of sexual harassment by two former employees in the early 1990s. See Also: Black Travel: Visit Atlanta, Georgia See Also: DSK Rape Case […]