Malikah Saban Shabazz, 51, and Bettih Bahiyah Shabazz, 19, were apprehended on Wednesday for animal cruelty charges and theft.

A case from 2011 where a New Jersey woman tossed her neighbor’s dog into oncoming traffic during an argument came to an end this week. Haniyyah Barnes was sentenced to four years in prison on Wednesday and ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution to the neighbor, reports. The news outlet shared details of the 2011 […]

Via UrbanDaily Waka Flocka cuddled up with a precious pooch for his PETA ad against animal abuse! “Only cowards abuse animals” reads the positive poster.…

CHICAGO-22-year-old Percy Love was charged with animal cruelty after police claimed that he took a running start and kicked a kitten 15 to 18 feet in the air and then raising his hands in the air, mimicking the sign referees make when a field goal is good in football. The cat survived the kicking and […]