The Answer, the iconic Reebok sneaker created for NBA superstar Allen Iverson is 20 years old and some people very special to him are celebrating it. Designer Melody Ehsani put her own special stamp on a women’s ‘Iverson” and had Allen’s ex-wife, Tawanna (although the two apparently still live together) and his three daughters to […]


The Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks staged protests during the National Anthem at a Sunday afternoon game in Miami.

Got a problem? Music is the answer. Having a wedding? Music is the answer. Wanna say, “I love you?” Music is the answer. As a matter of fact music is almost always the answer and for one of the greatest professional basketball players ever – Allen Iverson, the music mattered. The man with the braids […]

News & Gossip Allen Iverson gave an emotional speech at his Hall of Fame induction ceremony Friday. The Answer thanked everyone from his wife Tawanna and their four kids, to his favorite musicians: Tupac, Biggie, Jadakiss, Redman and Michael Jackson. There were funny stories, like the first time he met Michael Jordan, and jokes about the ups and […]

Allen Iverson's impact on the NBA will never be forgotten.

The 4th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game is on and NBA Legend Allen Iverson will be there!

PRINCE (56)  Happy 56th birthday to the legendary, extraordinary, singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist and maverick known as Prince.  Although we like “press and curl” Prince better than “afro sheen” Prince, his mystique will make him sexy forever and a day. Other celebrities blowing out the candles on this day include: Tom Jones (74) Nikki Giovanni (71) Liam Neeson […]

For iPhone:  Retired NBA star and former Philadelphia 76ers point guard Allen Iverson is the subject of a documentary making its sold out world premiere…


Paula Deen has lost another endorsement.  Yesterday Paula was dropped by Smithfield Pork Company.  Yep, Paula was living high on the hog.  But after that…


So what’s going on with Allen Iverson? Did he kidnap his five kids or not? A judge finally sorted out the tangled mess and ruled…


According to the latest polls President Obama’s approval rating has plummeted 8% over the last month.  And you expect the same thing to happen to…