This Sunday's NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans will get kicked off with a musical!

Who said the NBA All-Star Game was a glorified exhibition? It wasn’t Kobe Bryant, who set the career All-Star scoring record last night and had his nose broken by Dwyane Wade on this flagrant foul — and stayed in the game. Read More:

Usher performed at the 2010 NBA All Star Game in Dallas over the weekend and caused quite a stir with his leather capri pants. Let’s just say it was quite the talk on Twitter! Leather capri pants, spaghetti strap tank top, leg warmers and a Jean Paul Gaultier-inspired breastplate with sculpted pecs and abs.

VIA REUTERS: ARLINGTON, Texas (Reuters) – Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat scored a game-high 28 points and added 11 assists as the Eastern Conference prevailed over the West by a nail-biting 141-139 in the NBA’s annual All-Star game on Sunday. Played before a record crowd of 108,713 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the […]