Tom and the crew open the show talking about the Michael Jackson case, Angelina Jolie‘s double mastectomy and one TJMS crew member was late… hmm……

If you haven’t heard, Wade Robson, who spent time with Michael Jackson as a kid, is now claiming MJ molested him.  This is the same Wade that said Michael did not molest him. TMZ is reporting that Thomas Mesereau, Michael’s attorney in his molestation trials,  has insinuated Wade’s accusations are motivated by money … specifically a payoff […]

This guy is suing the promoter for the This is It tour that never happened.  I know everyone involved lost money, but how does this guy, as Michael Jackson’s assistant, come up with a 7.5 million dollar figure?  What is his main reason to sue and blame AEG for his financial loss?

Michael Jackson’s hairstylist Karen Faye who worked with the superstar for over 25 years was interviewed by LAPD detectives days after he died, and TMZ has learned what she told the police. Faye told the cops: “He was scared to death because AEG was funding everything. He said he would have to work at McDonalds […]