The Internet is going crazy over the latest State Farm ad, which shows a Black man giving a wedding ring to a White woman.


  As part of its “I Will What I Want” campaign, apparel company Under Armour tapped black ballerina Misty Copeland to show off her amazing athleticism while…

Here is some dope footage of older MJ and younger MJ singing “I’ll Be There”. It was supposed to be a part of a Pepsi commercial but it never happened. It never aired stateside but I’m told that it did air in Europe. RELATED: Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! [Music Tribute]

Mary J. Blige is set to expand her empire with a new sunglasses line. Named ‘Melodies by MJB’, the shades are set to hit retailers before the year is out. Peep Blige and her new artist Starshell modeling them above, in the line’s first promo shot. “Starshell” – real name Laneah – was reportedly the […]

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one drooling over Reggie Bush’s physique. Reggie Bush will be the new face of the ‘Got Milk?” campaign.