The man who gunned down 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, the woman who tried to ram her car into a White House barricade,…

The FBI released video of shooter Aaron Alexis walking inside Navy Yard with a gun on the day of the shooting. See Video  

Federal contractors who conducted a background check on Aaron Alexis when he enlisted in the military knew that he falsely reported that he had never been arrested or charged with any firearms offenses but he nevertheless was granted a security clearance, Navy officials disclosed Monday. Read More


Nothing is new about gun violence in major cities, it has become an acceptable norm in America for a number of reasons. We have been crying far too many times over the killing of innocent people in this country and yet we can’t seem to navigate our way to a solution. The tired (yes tired) […]


Finish this sentence for me.  If I had a son, he’d look like? The President said Trayvon. If I had a son he’d look like…