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Stephen A. Smith Visits SiriusXM's 'The Howard Stern Show'

Source: Cindy Ord / Getty

Few people get the internet to implode the way Stephen A. Smith and former president Donald Trump do.

So, can you imagine if the two linked up to provide social media with endless amounts of memes?

The First Take frontman is now looking to hop into the ring with Trump, hoping to debate him. Smith argues with many of sports’ biggest personalities daily and feels that if given the chance, he’d similarly defeat Trump.

Smith discussed the idea of debating Trump on Tuesday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, promising to not only best the so-called politician but obliterate him on stage.

“I have my show First Take on ESPN every weekday morning, right?” he told Stern. “It’s a debate show. I would love to be in a presidential debate. I’d eat him alive. I wouldn’t run for the presidency, but I’d debate Trump any day of the week. Any day of the week. Name the time and place and I’d show up.”While Smith may be a better debater than his fellow Queens, NY, native, we have no clue what topics the two would discuss.

Smith enjoys going back and forth about the NBA GOAT conversation and hating on the Dallas Cowboys, while Trump would rather lie about the corrupt election he lost.

One thing he certainly does is name-call any politician who dares disagree with him, and for that, Stephen A. says he’s got his rebuttal locked and loaded.

“Do you know what I would do if I was on the stage with Trump, and Trump tried to talk about the way that I look?” Smith said. “Do you know how much material I would have? Look at him. Are you kidding me? I marvel at how people have limited comebacks for him. Jeb Bush, ‘low energy,’ no comeback. Marco Rubio, ‘little Marco,’ no comeback.”

The debate certainly wouldn’t solve world peace or any issues plaguing America, but it would be highly entertaining.

See how hyped social media is for the meeting of the minds that will likely never happen below.

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