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Once a teen heartthrob, singer/actor Marques Houston is now being linked to teenagers for all the wrong reasons.

Granted, controversy isn’t a strange subject to the now-41-year-old former co-star of popular films and TV shows like A Different World, two House Party sequels, You Got Served, the live-action Fat Albert film and most notably as annoyingly-sweet neighbor Roger on the hit ’90s sitcom Sister, Sister. There was the nature of his overly-mature image and sound as a member of the ironically-titled R&B trio Immature (later IMx) starting when he was just 11 years old — songs titled “Da Munchies,” “Wiser Than My Years” and “Let Me Hmm Hmm Hmm” definitely didn’t age well. On a more deeper level, his ongoing association with Chris Stokes following the very-viral B2K sexual abuse drama of the mid 2000s, which Marques was named in as well, still rubs people the wrong way.

Of course, there’s also that abysmal plastic tuxedo he wore to the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards — still cringe to this day!

2004 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

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At the current moment, where we get to why his aforementioned link to teenagers is being questioned by many, Houston has been the topic of many taboo conversations over the past few years due to his 2020 marriage to then-19-year-old bride, Miya Dickey, when he was 39. Many factors play into why this union is even more weird than the obvious 20-year age difference: Marques says he met Miya when she was just 17 — see: “grooming” — and there’s been questions regarding her life before that as an alleged missing runaway since the age of 15.




…oh, and here’s what Miya’s biological mom reportedly had to say in regards to her daughter’s union with Marques:


Everything came to the surface recently due to Houston’s appearance on the upcoming episode of UNCENSORED airing this Sunday (April 9) at 10 PM/9C on our family network, TV One. The controversial part where speaks on the nature of his marriage to Miya (seen above) has caused many Twitter reactions, think-piece dialogues and public chastising overall of his intentions.


Take a look below to see what the masses are saying about Marques Houston and his formerly-teen bride, and then answer this one for us: Can a 39-year-old and 19-year-old ever truly find love without controversy?


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1. Somebody tell marques Houston unlike his wife, we were not born yesterday…. Dude definitely was channeling Rkelly energy when he married Aaliyah.

via @RonnieLo10

2. Marques Houston and Trey Songz?

via @chrissygems

3. Marques Houston said he met his wife when she was 17. I need yall to know that cradle watchin a child & waitin til they legal is still predatory & pedophilic. All that means is you was sexually attracted to them when they was still a kid. A patient pedophile is still a pedophile

via @NightSkinGirl88

4. Marques Houston shoulda just kept his mouth closed.

via @jas_zhane

5. Y’all!! I don’t know if y’all watch #Uncensored on TVOne, but Marques Houston is doing an episode on Sunday and talking about his questionable marriage to that young ass girl. That age gap is too much for me.

via @AshleyShyMiller

6. Yes, Marques Houston is a creep for marrying a 19-year-old girl in his late 30s that he claims he first “met” at age 17. Yeah, that’s called grooming — and he’s not the only one in Hollywood that’s been doing it. Look very closely to win some of your other faves “met.”

via @MrErnestOwens

7. So basically Chris Stokes kidnapped that girl and sold her off to Marques “Batman” Houston- that’s what im getting

via @jiggyjayy2

8. Idc what y’all say but Marques Houston groomed his now wife She was 17 when they supposedly “first” met, he was 36. He was 39 when they got married and she was 19. What do they have to talk about?

via @04_kcjj

9. Marques Houston ft Joe Budden song was wrote by R Kelly They had the whole scare the hoes headquarters in the studio that day😵‍💫

via @4evapros

10. Marques Houston is a sick bastard. That’s all.

via @thatdamnbrook

11. Marques Houston preyed on that girl til she was of age. Simple.

via @BlaQuioxte

12. Marques Houston didn’t help anything with his explanation lmao mad weird yo

via @EarthQuake_HK15

13. Marques Houston finally addresses the public about marrying his wife when she was 19. Nothing but words because he ain’t talking about shit. There’s no justifying marrying someone with “teen” attached to their age when you’re 39. There’s no “of age” here. Predatory, period.

via @BombshellCole

14. Marques Houston thinks we’re stupid lol

via @Mr_Nonchalantt

15. THIS MAN Marques Houston BEEN A WEIRDO!!!! Research what happened with B2K & then his wife…. Y’all are on the money there’s no denying it

via @lovvhanaa