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We all know there’s nothing that will get folks talking on social media like the sex lives of celebrities. Well, apparently, that doesn’t change when it comes to the subject of celebs who don’t have sex.

Insecure star Yvonne Orji is, once again, talking about her non-sex life as a 30-plus-year-old virgin. During a recent episode of iHeartRadio’s Dear Chelsea podcast, hosted by Chelsea Handler, Orji was asked if she is still a virgin at the age of 39, as Orji has broached the subject numerous times in the past.

“I am,” the actress and stand-up comedian answered.

“Oh my god! I love this,” Chelsea shouted. “This is the most original guest we ever had on! And what are you, 39?” (Honestly, Chelsea’s display of excitement and disbelief indicates she thought mythical creatures included unicorns, leprechauns, fairies and 40-year-old virgins.) 

Then, the two had a little laugh over it.

“That dam is going to break one day, baby,” Chelsea quipped.

Yvonne then joked that instead of praying for her, people should “pray for him” because whoever her first sexual partner is will have to deal with all of her “pent-up” sexual energy. (There’s probably a number of men who would file that under “good problems.”)

“Yvonne went from being a virgin to polyamory,” Orji continued in jest (probably).

Ultimately, it was a funny and awkward conversation that didn’t need to become a subject of controversy—until social media got ahold of it, of course. On X, the response to Orji has been largely supportive, but there were also people who clowned her for still being a virgin, folks who are weirdly concerned with whether or not she will procreate, people who take issues with her religious/moral views, and, of course, weirdos who assume she’s lying.

But because, in 2023, it’s commendable to openly discuss virginity at any age, let alone when you’re nearing 40, let’s focus on all of the commenters who defended Orji and are supportive of her journey.

See the reactions below.

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