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Husky Hotties: Our Fave Celeb Men Who Are Thicker Than A Snicker  was originally published on

1. DJ Khlaled

DJ Khlaled

This DJ is often screaming that phrase and he is! He wears many hats–record producer, radio personality, rapper, DJ and record label executive—and wears them well. He’s the best!

2. Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson

This funnyman also sings and that makes him even sexier!

3. Glen Davis

Glen Davis

Yum! We love it when athletes have a little extra meat on their bones. Affectionately known as “Big Baby,” Davis is a young star in the NBA. We’re not the biggest sports fans, but goooooo Orlando!

4. Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson

Even though Anthony has lost over 50 lbs, he’s still a big, beautiful man. Look at that smile!

5. T-Pain


One of our guiltiest pleasures is his catchy music. Try not to smile when T-Pain is crooning about what direction your booty should go in. You’ve got to love him!

6. Idris Alba

Idris Alba

Lawd have mercy. This man is literally the definition of a snicker bar. Thick, delicious, nutty (hehe) and sweet! We’re in love, lust and everything in between!

7. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Breezy hasn’t always been a husky hottie, but after his short stint in jail (of which we’re convinced all he did was eat bologna sandwiches and write songs), Chris was thrust back into the spotlight sporting a little pudge.

8. Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White

He’s the voice of Black Dynamite on the Adult Sim cartoon of the same name. And this character is a 1970s action star and White is pretty much a action hero himself, so it’s only right that he’s a part of this list.

9. Love Handles Just Mean That You’re Loved!

Love Handles Just Mean That You’re Loved!

This was the photo that started it all! ESPN shot Texas Ranger, Prince Fielder for their 6th annual Body Issue and while many people complained about Fielder’s unconventional size, we celebrated his bulky bod! It’s a beautiful thing to see that not all athletes have the body of Adonis. This made us think–what other hotties with big bodies do we appreciate in Hollywood? Check out our list!

10. Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Unnhhh! Rick Ross has recently lost 100 lbs and he’s still one of the huskiest in the game.

11. Big Boi

Big Boi

A bit on the smaller side, Big Boi is a husky-hopeful, three more cheeseburgers… But that quick tongue of his and his intense lyrics make him a heartthrob.

12. Damon Dash

Damon Dash

Dash started from the bottom — sweeping barbershop floors — and climbed to making $19 million deals with Jay Z. This husky hunk knows a thing or two about a certain kind of business, well…nevermind.

13. David Mann

David Mann

Take me to the KING! Tamela Mann’s hubby is lowkey…HOT! Look at Mr. Brown on his day off! Hubba hubba!

14. Flo Rida

Flo Rida

This popular rapper has the kind of arms we’d love to be wrapped tight in! When he’s not busy making hits, we’re sure he’s doing pushups.

15. Timbaland


Timbaland went from chunky to hunky and we’re loving his style!

16. David Banner

David Banner

He’s always been our #MCM! David Banner has clearly adopted a healthy lifestyle and it shows!

17. Fat Joe

Fat Joe

When “fat” is in your name, you’ve got to be confident. He’s lost a reported 100 pounds over the last year, but Fat Joe still rocks his weight with grace.

18. Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard

Ruben has lost over 100 lbs and he’s still one of the biggest and most beautiful stocky men in Hollywood!

19. G. Garvin

G. Garvin

A personal favorite of our Lifestyle Editor, Danielle Young, G. Garvin can cook and looks like this while doing it. YUM!