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Talk about downright soulful and sexy! Whew! My fingers are on fire right now as I rush to type and get this one out to you guys. Our girl Natalie Stewart (better known as “The Floacist” formerly of the famed neo-soul duo Floetry) has finally come back to us after a brief hiatus with a blazing new track and accompanying music video for her new single “Forever.”

The song is too hot to handle if you ask me and I promise this is one record I’m going to get my hands on as soon as it becomes available. Sexy, soulful, smooth and sultry – it’s like milk and honey all wrapped up in one smoldering single you’ll soon have on repeat from sun up to sun down.

Now haven’t we been missing Natalie and Marsha Ambrosius together on the stage? Since the duo split and moved into two different music directions, has it been the same for you? I mean seriously, both are beyond extremely talented, but I’m starting to believe that both are finally getting comfortable in their own skin even though the memory of their collective efforts on hits like “Say Yes” – another dope tune for those sexy Saturday nights – are forever embedded into the soundtracks of our lives.

But let’s let bygones be bygones and stick to the here and now. The Floacist’s new single “Forever” features a very romantic video was shot recently in Brooklyn, New York and directed by Dominga Martin. The clip shows The Floacist’s lighter and more sensual direction – well, honestly it’s always been there, but this time she is just overflowing with beauty and brilliance on this new record with Musiq Soulchild. He not only shines along with The Floacist with his simplistic adlibs and background vocals, but it makes you wonder why this kind of collaboration hadn’t taken place before.

Guess you just can’t rush the magic – and trust us when we say this tune “Forever” is indeed magical. How ’bout we hush and let you take a look and a first listen?

The Floacist’s full length solo album “Floetic Soul” will be in stores November 9th. We cannot wait! Now enjoy!

We’re too enthralled to say much else, but you can join the conversation below by posting your thoughts on the message board to let us know what you think of the new single “Forever” from Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart and Musiq Soulchild.