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America’s Next Top Model premieres tonight and Tyra hosted a launch celebration for the new cycle.

Judge Andre Leon Talley was there for the event as well. Take a look at the photos:

Our friends at PopEater got to sit down with Tyra and talk to her about the new season. Here’s what she had to say:

Top Model was one of the first times we saw plus-size models treated equally, now it’s a trend. Do you feel responsible?

Tyra: I am actually really, really happy. When I pitched the idea of ‘Top Model’ to the network, I said I have to have plus sized models and that was a different time, so they were like, “eh whatever”. Now to see V magazine and Glamour and Chanel and Marc Jacobs embracing it. It’s great. The thing is we have to make sure it isn’t just a trend. Women’s bodies come in so many different sizes, I am hoping it is not a trend and we can continue the different looks.

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We can’t wait! The first episode premieres at 8pm EST on the CW.

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