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Hello Beautiful! I know several women that are the cornerstone of their family; I bet you can think of a few yourselves. There is no substitute for the kind of woman that raises a family, holds a job or two, still has time to grow and hold on to a sense of self. Black Voices went so far as to name the 20 Sexiest Black Women Over Forty, describing them as “women who take care of themselves, create their own power, stay sexy to the public and themselves; an older women who knows what she wants, has something to teach and looks so good that she makes young boys cry.” Wow! Share your power with the world, I say celebrate your age, embrace it. is a new website created to give a voice to women over fifty. The brainchild, Geri Brin is a publisher, writer and marketing executive. Geri feels like this movement will force the world to stand up and take notice of what 50+ women are thinking, feeling, wearing, looking for and buying. Geri is 62 years old and writes a daily blog. Sign on, find out what she has to say or just tell her about someone you know that is Fab over Fifty!

I am also recommending a truly inspiring read and great gift … “Jewels: 50 Phenomenal Black Women Over 50” written by Michael Cunningham and poetry by Nikki Giovanni. Check it out and let me know what you think. Watch this video for more information about Fab over Fifty.