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Earlier this week social media collectively clutched their pearls when former Good Burger star, Kel Mitchell went on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast and revealed that his ex-wife, Tyisha Hampton, was impregnated by multiple men before and during their 6-year marriage.


Now Hampton has decided to speak on the situation and according to TMZ is refuting Mitchell’s claim saying it’s all cap and he’s basically making things up to slander her good name. In said Club Shay Shay interview, Kel recalled how Hampton allegedly had an abortion before the two married in 1999 and after the procedure he was told by his pending wife that the baby wasn’t his. Unfortunately for him the supposed the cheating didn’t stop after the two took their vows and Hampton eventually ended up getting pregnant by another man and according to Kel, he didn’t find out until a doctor mentioned that Hampton lost a baby that he didn’t know about.

After days of social media weighing in on the situation and throwing in their own two cents on the matter, Hampton decided to speak up and defend herself saying Kel Mitchell’s account is inaccurate and went so far as to call him a “psycho” after she stopped accepting his personality traits. Saying he was “narcissistic” during their marriage, Hampton says he made up the abortions and that the first time she got pregnant was with her son who is currently alive and well.

TMZ reports:

For her part, Hampton’s calling BS on all of it … saying when she stopped simply accepting Kel’s behavior he went off on her. Tyisha says Kel’s lying about the abortions, and calls her ex-husband narcissistic. So, each person seems intent on trashing the other here.

Tyisha and Kel share two children, and Kel’s got two more with his current wife Asia Leewhom he married back in 2012.

BTW … the interview takes another wild turn — ’cause Kel claims Tyisha put a hex on him, and he had a full-on exorcism performed while he prayed with demons’ names coming from his mouth.

In cases like this you really don’t know who to believe unless you’re familiar with both parties and have an idea of the type of people they are.

Check out Tyisha Hampton’s response to Kel Mitchell’s wild story and let us know who you think is capping in the comments section below.


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