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Why Did George Santos Escape Expulsion | What’s Your Point

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George Santos, the much-maligned U.S. House of Representatives member from New York’s 3rd district easily escaped a vote to expel him from the House on Wednesday. Santos, while currently facing over 20 federal charges, didn’t face much of a challenge. The final vote was 179 for expulsion and 213 against. 24 Republicans joined 115 Democrats in the vote to expel however, 31 Democrats joined 182 Republicans in blocking the expulsion of Santos. How could Santos, who is accused of so much wrongdoing pass this test?


“They fail with the allowing him to remain in the house despite these mountain legal and political troubles,” said Armstrong Williams. “Obviously, it’s calculated. They probably feel their margins are too thin. It’s certainly not a principal position. It’s a position of power.”


To add to the possible problems by the GOP, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is battling his own party by holding up hundreds of military nominations and promotions. Why is this happening and how could one man hold so much power in blocking the promotions of many in the Armed Forces?

Williams tells Russ Parr, “This is the privilege that senators have the right, no matter what the majority does, they can hold the nomination. They can hold spending. The only way this is going to change is they have to change the Senate rules. And they’re not just going to do this because it worked for both sides to find their who’s in power, who chairs or the Co-chairs the committees.”

Wow, just wow.

Armstrong and Russ discuss this and more on Ukraine in this week’s “What’s Your Point.”

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