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There are few current-day groups that are able to so potently harness the sheer balls-to-the-wall bombast of 70s rock and roll groups without traveling down the slippery slopes of parody or limp revivalism. Earl Greyhound is definitely an exception.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Matt Whyte, bassist/vocalist Kamara Thomas, and drummer Ricc Sheridan, the Brooklyn group has been pummeling peoples’ eardrums with their intense live show since 2002.

The group has an in-your-face sound (most easily characterized as a direct descendant of the blues/hard rock of groups like Led Zeppelin and the Jimi Hendrix Experience) and a hypnotic vocal delivery powered by the intertwined harmonies of Whyte and Thomas.

Like the groups of the 70s that they so evidently draw their inspiration from, Earl Greyhound are true-blue road warriors, having earned their reputation as a can’t-miss live act while touring behind their full-length debut (2006’s Soft Targets) and this year’s Suspicious Package.

While each member provides an integral element to the Earl Greyhound sound, the band’s real secret weapon is Thomas; her sense of groove and charm (both vocally and as a bassist) are impeccable and have taken more of a front-seat on the band’s more recent material.

Combined with Whyte’s blazing guitar riffs and Sheridan’s Bonham-inspired powerhouse drumming, Earl Greyhound also incorporates elements of post-rock, Afro-Cuban, punk, acid jazz, and ambient music in the songs that comprise their catalog.

— by SeanDammit

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