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She danced, she lost and then promptly bounced from the set of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” last week. But tracked down the show’s first female casualty, singer Macy Gray, to discuss the entire experience.

Some say you weren’t that into the show in the first place. Have you gotten over the disappointment of being the first female off the show?

Not yet. I think there are different parts to disappointment, and I have a few more to get over, but then I’ll be okay. I was really, extremely disappointed, but at the same time, I think I’m going to be okay.

You said, “We need to revolutionize the waltz.” What did you mean by that?

It’s too rigid, and you have to hold your neck and shoulders and arms in a certain way. The thing about dancing is that it’s so much about self-expression, movement, and letting go. I just thought that we could incorporate that in the waltz, maybe bring it into this century.

Was it harder than you expected?

No, because I thought we did good! I honestly don’t think we deserved the score that we got, and I thought we did really good. We were really pressed on time, but that’s not an excuse because we were ready, and I was actually really excited about coming back and doing better the next week. But it wasn’t meant to happen.

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Whitney Houston’s mom believes she was “summoned” by God to save her struggling daughter.

“It was very difficult to show tough love,” Cissy Houston tells JET in this week’s issue.

According to Houston, it took just about all she had to intervene, bringing sheriffs and a court injunction to her daughter’s residence, while demanding that she enter a drug rehab facility.

“My heart was breaking. I sometimes wonder how I did it,” she goes on to tell the magazine.

While that time was tough, Houston says she is “proud” of her Grammy Award-winning daughter’s “strength and courage”. Even still, she knows it was not just God and her own prayers but those of fans, family and others.

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It might be hard to believe but, it has been thirty years since Gloria Gaynor first belted the hit “I Will Survive”.

Celebrating the anniversary of a song that is still played in regular rotation world wide, Gloria Gaynor says “After 30 years of telling people I will survive, it’s time to tell them how.”

On October 27, Gaynor will release a revamped version of “I Will Survive” in both English and Spanish as well as a self-penned Gospel effort “He Gave Me Life (I Will Survive)”.

“From the beginning I recognized it was a timeless lyric that everyone could relate to… I don’t get tired of singing it. I’m always freshening it up; changing the beat, the lyrics, modernizing the arrangement — I’ve even stuck a hip-hop section in the middle of it. I become 295 percent grade-A ham when I do this song because people still love it,” Gaynor told Reuters recently.

Gaynor’s forthcoming release will be made available to the public via her own Glolo label in association with digital distributor INgrooves. In turn, all three songs will be available on CD through Gaynor’s Web site,

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