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Hands down, there are some amazing hair stylists out there doing the Lord’s work on our heads.

But I have also been seeing a disturbing trend of a new crop of “Instagram” stylists out giving real professionals a bad name by doing things such as driving up their prices for labor-easy styles, demanding that you come in with an already washed and conditioned head and giving the worst unscientific advice on how to take care of our hair.

But this one video circulating Twitter took me right over the top.

In it, Shay Thirsty (@touchedbythirsty), who claims to be a millionaire celebrity stylist, says with pride (and an attitude) that you cannot have her do your braids if your natural hair is not blown out and flat-ironed. And if you have the audacity to not follow her rules, she’s going to charge you “an inconvenience fee” of $25, ON TOP of the extra cost of her blowing and flat-ironing your hair.

Oh, and the braids cost $300 and up.

Even worse, in the video, she’s incredibly hostile about the state of little girl’s natural hair right in front of the little girl, it’s actually heartbreaking. That, and since when is “nappy” hair an “inconvenience?”

Take a look at this nonsense that certified lash tech @Nayaxleire shared on Twitter after (@high0ffmay) found the video:

Did you all peep that HOW MANY passes of the flat iron she put on that baby’s hair WITH NOT heat protectant, talking about how our hair can withstand anything…as if heat damage isn’t a real thing. That, and if you’re actually a good hair braider, you don’t need super sleek hair to have super sleek braids.

Blow out fine? But all this? Nah.

You already know, Black Twitter caught wind of this video and had words:

Honestly, 4c hair shouldn’t be treated worse because of its texture and you shouldn’t have to go through all this just to get braids. Most importantly, with everything Black people are going through with their hair—being kicked out of school, graduation threatened and being fired from their jobs—this is not what we should have to go through with our own.

We all deserve much better than this.

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