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Close-Up Of Methamphetamine Pipe On Table

Source: Aisha Thomas / EyeEm / Getty

For years Fox News has been churning out crackpot conspiracy theories and flat out lies in hopes of confusing their audience and keeping Donald Trump and his Republican cult in a favorable light, and now we might now what helps them conjure up wacky and made up fabrications: crack.

According to the New York Daily News, Fox Business reporter, Lawrence Crook got bagged last week trying to sneak a crack pipe in his sock into Manhattan Federal Court on Dec. 9. You know you got a problem when you try to sneak in a crack pipe into a place that prosecutes criminal activity. Unfortunately for Crook (helluva last name for a crack smoker), security spotted the pipe as he passed through the metal detector and gave him a ticket before escorting him out the building.

Crook faces a possession of drug paraphernalia charge. Sources said the paraphernalia was a crack pipe, though one courthouse insider insisted it was for meth.

Oh, meth? Yeah, that makes it much better.

The 36-year-old reporter was at the court house to cover the trial over a proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint when he was bagged with the pipe.

The New York Post meanwhile reports that the reporter threw a wild fit after confessing to the offense.

Crook immediately fessed up when confronted with the contraband, and began whining about how he’d recently lost his job at CNN and was in “big trouble,” sources said.

In a series of emails, Crook claimed the violation was some sort of frame-up, saying he’d received a “death threat and a promise articles would come out.”

Well, at least he’s proof a drug addict can still hold a job, even if it is at Fox.

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