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When it comes to the topic of shaping our eyebrows, the debate is an ongoing one throughout the beauty community. While some beauty mavens are interested in growing out their brows, some are conditioned to use brow pencils or powders to style their eyebrows during the growth process. Now more than ever, pomades are slowly replacing brow pencils as the popular choice.

And it makes sense! Pomades are a great product to create bold brows that we see all over Instagram. Definition is key for many makeup lovers and pomades are a great alternative to execute that look. This formula also comes in handy to give brows a long-lasting hold for all day wear. However, if your a fan of the traditional soft brow look, the right pomade will deliver. Many makeup mavens think that pomades are only for those with sparse brows, but anyone can use this product.

To perfect the look, dip an angled short brush into your pomade. Gently tap the brush against the back of your hand to remove excess product. Then, brush on the product starting at the center of your bottom brow for an outline. Follow up with an outline at the top of your brow starting just after your brow begins and connect with the bottom line. Fill in the brow with light strokes and use a spoolie brush to fade the product into the front. A front runner and fan favorite in the Hello Beautiful office is Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade ($18.00, It’s long lasting and comes in 11 different shades.

On the flip side, brow pencils also come in major clutch! You can create soft, natural looking brows with ease. And if you’re a sucker for a well placed arch, brow pencils will blow your mind. Simply start at the most sparse area of your brows and fill them in with short, feather like strokes. The key to this method is to be light-handed in application and drawing on the strokes in the direction of your hair growth towards the end of your brows. If you’re looking for an affordable brow pencil, try NYX Micro Brow Pencil ($12.00, This is great if you’re just starting with brows, the only downside is that the pencil tends to run out quickly.

You also have beauty mavens who can’t resist a good brow powder. Providing a softer effect that other brow products, powders can be worn alone and can be used to set eyebrow pencils for a fuller finish. The application process is also as simple as can be. All you’ll need is an angled brush coasted with the powder formula. Dab on the back of the hand to remove excess product and sweep the brush in the direction of your hair growth with a light hand. Brush through with a spollie and voila! Our Fashion and Beauty Director, Danielle James, swears by Urban Decay Brow Box in Brunette Betty ($12.97,, “It comes with a spoolie and an applicator and even though it’s a powder, it also has a white pomade to help shape or create a stronger brow. I love it!” It’s currently on sale for over 50% off so you might want to scoop this up ASAP.

So, the question remains- are brow pomades easier to shape your brows? We would definitely say that pomades are the safest bet! Not only does this product provide all day wear, it provides the picture perfect finish we all know and love. Pencils are great for those who are just starting their makeup journey, but pomades are where it’s at!

What say you? Are you a fan of brow pencils or are you attached to eyebrow pomades? Let us know in the comments down below and take our poll!


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