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*Minor spoilers below*

Comic and animation nerds assemble!

If you watched the beloved animation series Young Justice on Cartoon Network back in the early 2010s, then surely you know the show has been revived for a third season on the streaming platform DC Universe.

In this rendition of the show, now called Young Justice: Outsiders, the younger superhero counterparts to the Justice League are fighting metahuman trafficking. However, things have changed as members from the old Young Justice have shifted between different teams to tackle the forces of evil. For example, Kaldur’ahm, who was once Aqualad on Young Justice, has now taken up the role of Aquaman in the Justice League.

Thanks to a recent episode called “Quiet Conversations,” more has been revealed about Kaldur’s personal life. In the episode, Kaldur takes a meta-teen who can’t breathe on dry land to Atlantas. Towards the end of the episode, a montage occurs of various characters reuniting with their loved ones. In this case, Kaldur’s loved one seems to be the young strapping Atlantean named Wyynde, who works with King Orin. Their onscreen kiss was a brief moment, but it finally confirmed everyone’s guess that Kaldur is queer in some capacity.

Many people were ecstatic to know that one of the most pivotal characters in the Justice League was romantically involved with men.


Despite the excitement, Kaldur’s same gender romance shouldn’t be a surprise to some comic fans. According to, Kaldur’s comic book version, which debuted in 2010, is gay. But in the animation world, the creators seem to be making Kaldur’s sexuality fluid.

In the animated series Young Justice, Kaldur had a previous romantic relationship with Tulu, his classmate from the Conservatory of Sorcery, which leads fans to believe that Kaldur is bisexual or pansexual.

But it seems we’ll have to wait on Kaldur and the writers of Young Justice: Outsiders to define his romantic life. Stay tuned!

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