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As football season approaches, it’s unclear if the NFL plans to do (or not do) anything else about the anthem protests.

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The league recently pressed pause on its punishment of players with a moratorium on the anthem rule. After the move, Trump restarted his pity party about the protests. If and how the league will respond to Trump and the protests next remains a mystery, but players and former coaches shared opinions and have offered advice on what they feel should be done next.

It appears that the league has misunderstood why players are participating in the anthem protests, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey said. “I think the NFL’s just missing it right now,” Ramsey said in an interview with GQ. “They’re making it about what it’s not really about. It’s not about: we don’t love America; it’s not about not respecting the flag. That’s not what it’s about at all.”

Former football player and ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy offered advice to the league on Tuesday (Aug. 14). “We really have to understand what these athletes are trying to do,” Dungy said to the media, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “That’s what gets lost in the dialogue. They’re not trying to defame the flag. They’re not trying to defame the military or first responders. We can build a whole narrative about that, but that’s not what they’re trying to do.”

Dungy continued, “These guys see some things going on in their communities, and they’re trying to make the situation better. We can debate whether they should do that or when they should do it, but these guys are very, very patriotic. They’re doing it because they care.”

Washington Washington Football Team defensive back Josh Norman told the NFL to, well, stand down. “I wouldn’t tell them to do a f**king thing. This guy is going to be out of office in two years. I think we’ll be OK,” Norman said, seemingly referring to Trump, Think Progress reported.


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