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Triumphantly re-launching his career on his own terms after a taxing detour, Bobby V. is prepping his EMI Records debut Rebirth via his own Blu Kolla Dreams imprint.

Rebirth revolves around relationships. The infectious lead single “BEEP,” among the disc’s most visceral tunes, details the joys of adventurous sex. Cleverly crafted by up-and-coming Mississippi native Big Fruit, the melody begins as ballad and morphs into an up-tempo sweat-inducer. Bobby notes, “The feedback from the record was so strong. When I played it for people and I sent it to the clubs everybody reacted to it quickly. My first single, I always want it to be for the people.” The single announces: “I’m back, I got a new situation – it’s one of those kinds of records that’s gonna make a statement.”

Bobby was especially honored to work with Grammy Award-winner Saadiq, who produced “Wish List” for the project. Bobby beams: “He is one of the coolest, most down to earth people in the world. I didn’t know what to expect but he was a fan of mine. He knew my music and that really had me in awe.” The two ambitiously cover Saadiq’s 1995 gem “Just Me and You.” Bobby V explains, “I rewrote the verses while he brought in live horns and played guitar.” Melodically, Bobby’s version blends the majesty of the original with his signature vocals.

Rebirth also marks Bobby’s production debut with the track “Make Me Say.” Inspired by the hook he wrote and sings on Lil’ Wayne’s flirtatious hit “Mrs. Officer,” Bobby explains, “It’s about a girl that I really like so much that I can bring her around my family, bring her around my friends. She just makes me say ‘Woo!’”

Bobby V is expanding his philanthropic efforts The Bobby V. Foundation, which focuses on the value of higher education. The Clark Atlanta graduate shares, “Going to college was one of my best experiences and I just want to provide that opportunity [for others] and stress the importance of being educated.”

His highest hurdles behind him, Bobby V. is poised to reclaim his peerless place in the music world. His general life philosophy is reflected in the principles he holds for Blu Kolla Dreams: “The majority of my fans and audience are blue collar people that work every day with a dream. And this is my dream. I’ve been in this industry a long time. I just continue to believe in myself.” Considering his inevitably successful return, Bobby V. is far from alone in his dream.

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