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Pornhub is always looking out for the less fortunate.

Just this past February, they made their Premium content free to non-Premium subscribers on Valentines Day, and now they’re doing one for the people who live in, shall we say, less than flattering towns.

The porn site somehow managed to locate all the spots across the globe with names that’ll have your mom grabbing the nearest bar of soap.


We’re not joking. Towns like Fort Dick, California and Horneytown, North Carolina have been sitting pretty with no recognition or celebration. On the contrary, most towns like this supposedly face ridicule for their unconventional name.


But now Pornhub is honoring them in the most sexy way possible. The site is offering residents of such towns free lifetime access to their Premium subscription service.

Now, these so-called “Premium Places,” such as Climax, Michigan, can rep their town in name and in action.


Check out Pornhub’s announcement of the steamy deal below, then swipe through for the most scandalous names that’ll either have you chuckling or getting in the mood.


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