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Michael B. Jordan will not allow some Twitter random to get away with inaccurate shade.

When Michael’s not doing pushups at Lupita Nyong’o‘s request, you might find him watching some anime. Ever since the Internet found out about his interest, people have not been able to deal.

The Black Panther actor has been the object of extreme thirst ever since he debuted as Erik Killmonger. The fact that his anime habit isn’t an immediate turn off for his fan base has some nerdy Black men highly upset!

This week, one of those embittered men decided to hop on Twitter and attempt to drag Michael over a few things. He probably should have done some fact checking first, though.

Michael issued a very public correction the very next day, letting Chris know that he was wrong on two counts. And it was clear that would not be shamed for enjoyng anime.

We can’t completely co-sign his shoutout to Dragon Ball Z, but his right about Naruto! Later he let it be known that he was more than just a casual anime fan, as he flexed his nerd muscles a bit.


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