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Jay-Z Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of 'Reasonable Doubt' - Inside

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The internet has been collectively flabbergasted over the past few days over a receipt that surfaced online, showing Jay Z‘s bar tab from a friend’s birthday party. In one night of celebration, Hov’s bill was a whopping $91,135, and that’s including the $11,000 tip he blessed the waitress with.

The mogul purchased 40 bottles of Ace of Spaces, which run between $1,200 and $2,500 a piece. The best thing about his choice of Champagne is that he bought Ace of Spades in 2014, so he’s essentially spending his own money to pay himself for a night out–and that’s the kind of bossing up he was talking about on 4:44, ladies and gentlemen.

The money Jay spent on drinks in one night is more than a lot of people make in an entire year, which got us thinking: what would you rather spend all that money on? Here’s a list of things you could buy with the nearly $100,000 Jigga spent on alcohol (hint: you can buy a looootttt of Lime-A-Ritas)

A Water Jet Pack

If you’re going the completely reckless route, why not buy a water jetpack? It does look fun, and you’d get a lot more use out of it than some Champagne.

A 3 Bedroom Home In Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Fort Worth, or Rochester

Coffee cheers to our beautiful home together

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Prices for homes vary everywhere and every year, but there are most definitely some cities where you could get more bang for our buck when it comes to buying a house. In a lot of major cities, only dropping $100,000 on a home–with 3-4 bedrooms at that–seems impossible, but in many smaller cities, that’s very possible.

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