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Thanks for another wonderful week of LRNB Radio we hope the show brought you some joy. If you have a special Christmas song you’d like to hear, give us a call with your request. And if you have a scenario you’d like to hear discussed all you need to do is send an inbox message or call in and give it over the phone at 844-258-8762. What are your thoughts on this #OHSOREALScenario:

Gary-35 is single and ready to settle down. He’s been playing the dating field going on multiple dates. While it’s usually easy to tell whether it’s a match, there were two women who caught Gary’s attention around the same time.  He dated them both for a few months and he’s at that point where he’s developing a connection but the problem is he likes them both for different reasons. Gary has tried process of elimination to see which one he could go the longest without speaking to but he’s attached to them both. Gary is wondering, would he be wrong to see them both beyond three months until he’s sure which one could be his life partner? 


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