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We’re glad you enjoyed the Atlantic Starr mini concert yesterday. LRNB Radio is where you can come to hear CLASSIC R&B and tonight we’re bringing you a special guest who is R&B royalty. Tonight we’ll have the beautiful Lalah Hathaway as a guest on LRNB Radio. Tune in and find out all the exciting things R&B legend Donnie Hathaway’s baby-girl has been up to since racking up at the Grammy’s in recent years. Call 844-258-8762 with your song requests and advice for Anita’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Anita and Donald were together for 9 years until she decided their relationship was not going to work. Donald wasn’t ready to settle down and Anita was tired of giving him chance after chance. It’s been two weeks since they split and Donald keeps calling saying he’s hurting and has no one to talk to. Anita picked up the phone for the first week but no longer wants to be a shoulder for Donald to cry on. Donald has left several messages begging Anita to talk to him and how wrong it is to totally cut him off after 9 years. Anita is wondering; how long should someone keep the line of communication open after breaking up?

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