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2016 Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner

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The old guard argues that millennials make frivolous purchases with reckless disregard for our futures. Mostly, they seem agitated by our enthusiasm for avocado toast. We’re buying avo toasts when we should be saving for a down payment, they say. We’re buying avo toast instead of diamonds. Blah, blah, blah; we get it! And to rebut, we have this to say: avocado toast is delicious and vegan-friendly. Have you ever tried it, dear elders?

Fine jewelry company Tiffany is looking to redirect millennials’ attention to its wares. Jewelry in itself is eye-catching: shiny, sparkly, makes you say ooh and ahh. And while jewelry is certainly attention-grabbing in its own right, it takes more than a shimmery rock to authentically appeal to what is now the largest generation roaming this green Earth. They need to call in the reinforcements. They need to…wait for it…bring in a cast of all millennials in order to temporarily distract us from our avo toast. And that’s just what they did! Full story here.


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