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You’re hours away from the beginning of the weekend and John Monds is ready to usher you on through Friday’s door. Stick with LRNB Radio now until 12am and turn your radios up to set the mood.  The hotline is 844-258-8762 and tonight we’ve got a very real situation that has Janelle asking your advice for this #OHSOREALScenario:

Janelle and Larry have been engaged for 1 of the 6 years they’ve been together. Things were going well until her best friend called saying she saw Larry’s truck at a hotel across town. Larry’s truck has one of a kind rims and her friend waited to see if Larry came out the hotel but she had to return to work from her lunch break. Janelle called Larry’s phone multiple times on her way there but got no answer. By the time she got there the truck was gone. Larry denies ever being at the hotel and said he was at the gym and running errands. Janelle has no proof and doesn’t know what to do. Should Janelle let go of what her friend told her or continue to drill Larry on his whereabouts?  

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