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Lil Kim

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Before Remy Ma shethered Nicki Minaj and prior to Cardi B looking like she caught a lick, Lil Kim was the reigning queen of hip hop.

The Brooklyn born emcee was the only female alongside Biggie Smalls and Junior Mafia back in the 1990s and she has never stopped repping for the ladies. In honor of the Queen Bee turning 43 years young today, check out these Lil Kim lyrics that every woman should live by. Thank us later. (via GIPHY)

1. “Only female in my crew and I kick sh** / Like a n***a do, pull the trigger too, f*** you!”

In “All About The Benjamins” Kim let it be known that she could anything the tough guys could do — but better.

2. “I stay focused, in the dopest / Like a penny with a hole in it, y’all just hopeless / And toke this, I ain’t lyin’ / N***as trying to knock me off, keep tryin’”

In “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix),” Kim reminded ladies to stay focused, stay woke and never ever give up.

3. “I let him know we bout that cake straight up the gate uh / We independent women, some mistake us for whores / I’m sayin‘, why spend mine when I can spend yours”

Lil Kim has been spitting that feminist talk way before Amber Rose bared her bush for the ‘gram.

4. “The U-N-O competitor / I’m ten steps ahead of ya / I’m a leader, y’all on some followin’ sh** / Comin’ in this game on some modeling sh**”

In order to be a queen, you have to be a leader and trendsetter — a wolf, not a sheep.

5. “I Momma, Miss Ivana / Usually rock the Prada, sometimes Gabbana / Stick you for your cream and your riches / Zsa Zsa Gabor, Demi Moore, Prince Diane and all them rich b***hes”

If money is low and you need to at least feel like you’re in a different tax bracket, Kim put those feelings into words in her intro for “No Time.”

6. “No matter what people say / We got it going on / Who cares about what they think / We are the number one”

Before the term “hater” was coined, Kim dedicated an entire song to having self confidence, no matter what people say.

7. “Now you wanna buy me diamonds and Armani suits / Adrienne Vittadini and Chanel 9 boots / Things that make up for all the games and the lies / Hallmark cards saying ‘I apologize’”

Kim reminds us in “Get Money” that love don’t cost a thing. You can’t buy her love. Take heed ladies.

8. “I believe in money, power, and respect / First You get the money / Then you get the muthaf***in, power / After you get the f***in’ power muthaf***s will respect you”

Way before DJ Khaled was everyone’s source of inspiration, Lil Kim gave us the keys to life.

There you have it ladies: Lil Kim is the Queen Bee, so you best take heed.

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