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Teresa Marie

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Hopefully your Fourth of July weekend is off to a start with some BBQ on your plates and in your stomachs. Teresa Marie is in for John Monds and she’s ready to bring your Love And R&B! Call 844-258-8762 with your song requests and comments on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:


Tonya and her boyfriend Frankie have been together for 10 months. Frankie had a demanding job at the airport that often required 12 hour work days and sometimes only have one day off per week. Just a few days ago Frankie told Tonya that he quit his job because it became too tiring. When Tonya asked Frankie how he plans to make money, Frankie said he put it in God’s hands and trusts that he’ll provide for him. While Tonya does believe in God’s word, she’s wondering if she should consider this a red flag since Frankie isn’t concerned with finding another job. What advice can you offer to Tonya?

john monds

Source: john monds / john monds

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