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Are you wondering what happened to the new Prince Deliverance EP that was supposed to drop on the anniversary of his death April 21?  Well it turns out the reason we haven’t gotten our hands on the new mini-album is because Prince’s relatives decided to debut the music in their new reality show.

It’s reported that production has already started although it’s in the early stages with no official network to air yet. If you haven’t been able to visit Paisley Park, keep an eye out for the reality show. Who knows, you may see something you can afford to buy from the Purple One besides the new album.

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We recently discussed how management at Paisley Park began the process of tagging Prince’s belongings with 7,000 items being only 5% of the inventory held in the estate. It seems he didn’t let go of things easily but that just might give fans more of a chance to afford some of his memorabilia.

Would you be down to watch Prince’s siblings on TV to see how they’re managing Paisley Park? You’ll have to if you want to hear the new album!